Minor Quests

Gavin Finney is the bailiff for Loring and the surrounding area. He maintains the “bounty board” and generally presides over law-enforcement activities.

He is assisted by a massive “tipstaff” named Hutter.


1. Shaker Braids
“Shakers have plagued the area near the Five Leagues house. These creatures are hereby labeled a menace and may be exterminated on sight. Present proof in the form of a shaker braid (or red beard) to Bailiff Finney or a representative for a reward of 10 golden lions.”

2. Missing Farmers — COMPLETE
“The Dray farm was devastated by the attack of one or more wild beasts. The family and their considerable livestock are missing and presumed dead. The spoor indicate a massive beast. Proof of the beasts destruction can be presented to Bailiff Finney for a reward of 100 golden lions.”

3. Rageborn “Sledge”
“A rageborn of “massive proportions”, calling himself Sledge, leads a tribe of shakers and is terrorizing good people of Babyhead. A reward of 200 golden lions has been placed on the head of the outlaw calling himself Sledge."

Minor Quests

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