Thony Inrob

Marty's character


Level 2 Lightborn Bard


Thony Inrob is known near and… near for his lectures and songs of self-empowerment. Adventurer, do you ask yourself, how can I find the treasure trove of my dreams? Or, what is it about me that keeps me from being noticed by those with dire problems to solve? Or even, why doesn’t delving dark dungeons, hiking for miles in trackless wilderness, and the constant threat of deadly violence from hideous monsters give me a satisfying life?

Well, friend, wonder no more! Thony’s One Hundred Rules for Heroic Success has all the answers you seek! For a few measly silver pieces, this easy to understand chapbook will give you the strength, constitution dexterity intelligence, wisdom, and charisma to not only survive your adventuring career, but thrive!

Ask around any tavern for his next appearance and be thrilled at his live inspriational workshop that will empower you to be a Hero!

Thony Inrob

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